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About Us 

La Boutique Noire is a high-end, premium-clothing boutique that combines the best in quality customer service and exquisite products providing a comprehensive and exclusive shopping experience. 

Charity Work

 La Boutique Noire is dedicated to helping raise awareness and funds in the fight against diseases and illnesses which affect the lives of millions around the world.

Through charity fundraising events like the CANFAR BSE Gala, joint efforts with hospitals such as Healthy Minds Canada, Canadian Chiari Association and donating a portion of our sales to research funds, we are able to contribute to efforts in achieving relief for those suffering from disease.
Our determination and support of finding cures to these illnesses is one which strikes a personal chord among the Boutique's family.  Chairman and Owner Aylar Mousavi is currently battling Cervical Stenosis, EDS, Gastrostenesis, and Chiari Malformation, the latter of which is an extremely rare genetic neurological disease affecting the brain and spinal column, causing constant pain and severe nausea, along with a host of other physically impairing and painful complications.  The lack of knowledge and studies on Chiari mean that not only is there no cure, treatments are virtually non-existent and risky. 
Personally feeling the terrifying and life-altering effect these diseases have had on Aylar is a daily reminder of the harsh reality of incurable diseases, and further fuels our desire to advocate for those who are suffering and passionately support efforts in pursuit of a cure. 
For more information on helping in the fight against disease, and how you can join in our efforts, contact info@laboutiquenoire.ca.


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